No purchase necessary. *

* There is no cost or obligation for a quote.
A qualified referral is a person with an existing insurance policy for us to compare against and willing to provide us with all of the necessary information to provide a quote.
A qualified referral is limited to one per person, not per quote or policy type quoted.
Referrals need to be announced at the time of taking the quote and are not permitted to be backdated.
Prospective clients with the referral offer must present the offer at the time of the quote in order to qualify to receive the offer.
High risk auto or hard to place lines of insurance are not eligible for this program.
This program can be changed or discontinued at anytime without notice.
The offer will be satisfied for qualified referrals within 4-6 weeks of making the referral. We usually strive to satisfy the offer sooner.
We reserve the right to increase the amount of payment for a referral.
We reserve the right to make a cash award in place of a gas card or certificate.
We reserve the right to interpret rules.
The program is void and we have no further obligations if we are not in compliance with Federal laws, State laws or Pennsylvania Insurance Department rules or regulations
Details updated March 2011.

May 18th, 2018 by John Diana Insurance Agency